Aggressive Treatments

Aggressive Treatments

If Self-Cure doesn’t work, or for those who insist on a more aggressive approach, there are the options of invasive treatments moderated by doctors.

While more than 90% of us are able to self-sure, according to the experts, that leaves a significant number of people who need to take more aggressive measures. AND, a lot of people who could be self-cured but don’t follow the recommendations for doing so, for a long enough period of time, also opt for more aggressive treatments. And that’s no surprising, because self-cure takes hard work, perseverance and patience, and it’s tough to keep it up for the 6-20 months that various doctors recommend for success.

So it’s worth knowing something about the details, ins and outs, efficacy and consequences of:

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Plantar Faciitis, Peyton Manning, Super Bowl!

Plantar Fasciitis Sufferer Wins the Super Bowl

Oh how even the most mighty are brought low by plantar fasciitis! And oh how current knowledge of treatment can raise them back up again. Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning had to leave the field on November 8, 2015, due to a plantar fasciita tear. Manning had been suffering from plantar fasciitis prior to the tear. When one has plantar fasciitis, stressing the plantar fascia is more likely to produce a tear. After missing a couple of games, however, he was not only back on the field but WON THE FRIGGING SUPER BOWL! Is that an inspiring message for us all, or what! Like the giants of sports, all of us plantar fasciitis suffers have the potential to reclaim our lives.

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